Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Turnaround: Fast Food Restaurant Coupons Extended

Tuesday Turnaround: From turning something old into something "new" to turning your thinking around, you can save yourself some $money$ either way.

Do you ever use coupons from fast food restaurants? Do you ever get there and realize that they are expired? What is your first reaction? Usually people just throw them away.
Well, I discovered an AWESOME trick that works about 1/2 the time: Ask if they will take your expired coupons. I have found that several of the local fast food restaurants will take expired Qs.

Let's look into a couple of them that I was able to get some details for:
  1. Chick-Fil-A: As long as the coupon is clearly marked with their logo, they will take the discount. I once found an old calendar that was about 3 years old and still had ALL of the coupons in it (I had misplaced it and then replaced it with another calendar). That is when I discovered that they would still accept the coupons. All I did was ASK.
  2. Burger King: The latest coupon mailer from BK just expired this past Sunday. I was in their store last week and commented that I had not used very many of them and that I was going to have to throw them all away. The manager stated that they will accept expired coupons at any of the BKs in the area (excluding Longview). I would have wasted them if I had not talked with the manager.
If you know of any other fast food restaurants that will take expired coupons and you know the details, please leave us a comment so we can ALL share in the savings.

Thank you! :o)

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